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November 5, 2005
By Canadian Consulting Engineer

Following are books and recent publications that may be of interest to consulting engineers.

Following are books and recent publications that may be of interest to consulting engineers.

Dictionary of Water and Wastewater Water Management. Second Edition. By Paul G. Smith and John G. Scott. Published by Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, Burlington, MA. The second edition has more than 1,000 new or expanded entries and includes more comprehensive coverage of the terminology of stormwater management and flood management.

The Lead Dog has the Best View: Leading Your Project Team to Success. By Gordon Culp, P.E. and Anne Smith, P.E. Published in 2005, by the American Society of Civil Engineers Press, Reston, VA. Intended as a tool for those making the transition from project manager to project leader.

Rivers for Life: Managing Water for People and Nature. By Sandra Postel and Brian Richter. Published in 2003 by Island Press, Washington. About the disruption of natural river flows by large dams and river diversions around the world, and why it is important to preserve more natural river flows. The authors suggest innovative policies, scientific approaches and management reforms.

Transparency International has produced a Guidance Document to provide additional background to its 2002 publication, “Business Principles for Countering Bribery.” Provides companies with a framework for creating and improving internal practices and procedures to reduce the likelihood of bribery.
See, or write to Information about the Canadian chapter of Transparency International is posted at

Construction, Builders’ and Mechanics’ Liens in Canada, 7th Edition. Written by David I. Bristow, Q.C., Duncan W. Glaholt, R. Bruce Reynolds and Howard M. Wise. In an unusual collaborative effort, four industry leaders in construction law from four different law firms together wrote the 7th edition of this classic legal reference service.

Engineering Catastrophes: Causes and Effects of Major Accidents. By John Lancaster. Third edition, published in August 2005 by Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, England. Written by an authority in the field, the book discusses supercatastrophes in terms of shipping, air and rail accidents, as well as natural catastrophes. Considers the effects and the role engineering plays in limiting the effects, and gives case histories.

Engineering Legends: Great American Civil Engineers. By Richard Weingardt, P.E. Published in August 2005 by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA. Explores the personal lives and professional accomplishments of 32 of America’s greatest civil engineers from the 1700s to the present.


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