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BBA partners with C3HF

May 17, 2022

The companies' joint efforts will focus on clients in the mining sector.

BBA and C3 logos

Montreal-headquartered consulting engineering firm BBA has entered a strategic partnership with C3 Human Factors Consulting (C3HF), based in Quebec City.

Founded 10 years ago, C3HF serves industrial clients in the transportation, mining and defence sectors. As its name suggests, the independent consultancy specializes in human factors engineering, a discipline focused on understanding interactions between people and the elements of systems, including the machines, tools and consumer products those people design for safe and efficient use.

The mining industry, by way of example, faces challenges in leveraging technologies to achieve greater value in operations while determining the extent to which people can learn about and use those technologies, whether on their own or working in teams.

“A project’s success or failure depends on how users react to the introduction of new technology,” says Simon Banbury, president of C3HF. “Our approach brings scientific rigour and a deep understanding of human and technological factors involved in industrial projects.”

“Combining C3HF’s approach with BBA’s technical expertise will ensure performance issues and human factors are treated efficiently and iteratively throughout the design and implementation process of a mining project or operation,” says François Chapados, executive director of business development for BBA. “This will help optimize costs while significantly maximizing operational performance.


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