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2024 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards

This form is now closed, deadline was March 21 2024.

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2024 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards

  • An entry must be submitted by an owner or employee of a firm in good standing with ACEC-Canada and must feature work that is performed, led or supervised by at least one person who is licenced to practise professional engineering within a Canadian jurisdiction. The office submitting the entry on behalf of the firm must be a member in good standing with the provincial or territorial association representing consulting engineering firms that is affiliated with and recognized by ACEC-Canada.
  • Joint entries are permitted, as long as one of the firms is an ACEC-Canada member.
  • Projects entered must have been completed in the period from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023. In the case of ongoing projects, only the phase(s) already completed by the cut-off date can be entered.
  • Entered projects must not have been submitted previously in this program.
  • Submission of entries must be approved by (a) the owner of the project and (b) the entering firm’s client (if not the same as the project owner).
  • Projects on which the entering firm acted as a sub-consultant are eligible. However, entering firms must indicate clearly the scope of work in the project for which they were responsible.
  • There is no limitation or restriction on project size or location.
  • Entries may be submitted in English or French.

(Note: these national awards are held independently from the provincial awards programs for consulting engineers.)

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