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CCE Mag - October/November 2014


SCHREYER AWARD & AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Canadian Museum for Human Rights
JUROR COMMENTS "The Museum is a remarkable achievement, both because of its elegant architecture but also its technical complexity. We selected it for the Schreyer Award, recognizing that it was precise engineering and complex computer modelling by the structural engineers that made the building possible."

TREE FOR LIFE AWARD & AWARD OF EXCELLENCE New Victoria Mine Wter Treatment Plant
JUROR COMMENTS "We gave this project the Tree for Life Award, as we were impressed by how it mitigates potential catastrophic environmental impacts from former coal mines. We also appreciated how the engineers' sophisticated and innovative hydraulic analysis allowed a single plant to treat the discharge from two separate mines."

JUROR COMMENTS: "The engineers of this large-scale project that won the Ambassador Award had met major engineering and environmental challenges. The project has already won an award from the UN for best practices in environmental sustainability."

JUROR COMMENTS "We selected this project for the Engineering a Better Canada Award, recognizing that this mining company had engaged the local communities and had provided social and economic benefits that respect Aboriginal rights."

OUTREACH AWARD & AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Dillon's Environment and Community Investment Fund
JUROR COMMENTS Juror Comments "The Outreach Award winner is a good example of what engineering companies should do. Dillon donates 1% of its pre-tax profits to the fund and encourages staff to be involved in their communities."

Award of Exellence Casino de Montréal Renovation
Juror Comments "This project presented numerous challenges for the structural engineers, including dealing with a historical steel structure imported from France. During the construction the building's lateral resistance had to be maintained 100% while the casino stayed operational."

Award of Excellence Residence for the Sisters of St. Joseph
Juror Comments "This is a beautiful community structure that overlooks the Don Valley in Toronto. We appreciated that the building has a light environmental footprint."

Award of Excellence Port Mann Highway 1 Improvements - Onshore Works
Juror Comments "This project was a huge undertaking that involved technical innovations, including 3D design and analysis. The engineers managed not only the relationships between roadways,but also relations between companies and organizations."

Award of Excellence Glacier Skywalk
Juror Comments "This project gives the public access to a magnificent site without damaging the environment. The engineers optimized the structure's complex shape and provided an original solution for the dampers."

Award of Excellence Bow River Bridge and Utility Crossing
Juror Comments "The bridge features a unique design in wood and blends into the natural beauty of the park. It has one of the longest spans in the world for this type of bridge."

Award of Excellence John James Audubon Bridge
Buckland & Taylor

Award of Excellence Strandherd Armstrong Bridge Erection
Juror Comments: "To accommodate the river's navigation needs this bridge was constructed on land before being installed. It was the first time in North America a structure of this type has been constructed using this method."

Award of Excellence Gold Bar Thickener/Fermenter Operational Improvements
Juror Comments "The jury recognized the unique simulation and optimization approach used on this project, and how it resulted in a capital cost reduction and reduced timeline."

Award of Excellence Groundwater Remediation wiht a Permeable Reactive Barrier
Juror Comments "The engineers implemented a small-scale research process for permeable barriers and applied it to the real world. We appreciated how the process eliminated the need for the traditional excavation and disposal of material."

Award of Excellence Developing Hydroelectric Potential in Northern Ontario
Juror Comments "This is an excellent study that uses highly innovative analysis methods. If the findings are carried through to implementation they will benefit many First Nations that are currently off the power grid."

Award of Excellence Niagara Tunnel
Juror Comments "We gave this project an award in recognition of its size, complexity and its production of low-cost renewable energy. It also has innovative features, such as the use of the largest ever tunnel boring machine, and the largest ever prestressed concrete liner."

Award of Excellence Heat-Seeking Sewer Model
Juror Comments "This project took an innovative approach to studying where it is beneficial to recover the heat energy generated in sewer systems. The results are intended to help form a national sewage heat policy framework."

Award of Excellence North Channel Bridge Replacement
Juror Comments "Constructed to increase commercial traffic, this new bridge required the combination of several innovative engineering technologies."

Award of Excellence Ambatovy Nickel Project
Juror Comments "The $5.3-billion project brings a large foreign investment along with state-of-the art Canadian mining engineering to a laterite deposit in Madagascar. This international collaboration will benefit Madagascar and the region for the next 30 years."

Award of Excellence Mount Pleasant Substation
Juror Comments "This project incorporates a substation into an aesthetically pleasing building that is LEED silver and adapts to the surrounding area. It also provides Vancouver residents with more reliable power."

Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards Winners Gallery The Winners!
Congratulations to all the winning teams. Here are just some of the people involved in the 20 projects. See also the list of credits at the end of the articles describing the projects.

We looked at how firms with fewer than 25 staff are surviving, and even flourishing, in the tough mega-corporate world of consulting engineering today.



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