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CCE Mag - June/July 2014


Clean-Up at Lac-Megantic
The tragic oil spill and explosion in a Quebec town left a trail of contamination in its wake. Consulting engineers were immediately called in to help contain the damage.

The piers left standing after a 100-year old road bridge in southern Ontario was abandoned have now been repurposed for Halton Region's Zone 3 Interconnecting Watermain.

Cooling Trends
The raised temperature of stormwater run-off creates problems for ecosystems, but engineers in southern Ontario have found that cooling trenches are one effective solution.

Bridges & Aesthetics
Bridges can be beautiful as well as economically constructed, says the author. He also believes engineers should take back the leading role in their design.

Dreams and Mosquitoes: the Making of the Panama Canal
As the Canal's expansion nears completion, we recall the brutal conditions and obstacles that faced the engineers who carved out the original waterway across the Continental Divide.




Engineering & the Law

Multi-Owner Projects
Multi-Owner Projects A recent case surrounding a seismically deficient house had an unhappy outcome for the consultant, who was found fully liable.